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Minnesota is a long way from Africa, but Mark W. Nolting, who was born Minneapolis (then grew up and was educated in Florida), has spent more than 30 years exploring and researching the African continent.

After spending 2 years traveling through 16 countries, from Cairo to Cape Town establishing contacts with safari companies and tour guides, Nolting founded The Africa Adventure Company (1986). “I developed a strong passion for Africa on my first visit to this amazing continent,” Nolting states. “Since then I have returned countless times and have enjoyed traveling with and sharing my love for Africa with my wife, Alison, and our two children.”

Known in the industry now as the “Travel Expert of Africa”, Nolting is the author of two award-winning books: Africa's Top Wildlife Countries (now in its 8th Edition) and African Safari Journal (now in its 6th Edition). In Africa's Top Wildlife Countries, Nolting chronicles every aspect of the safari experience for detailed planning of a trip to this fascinating continent. African Safari Journal is the all-in-one book to take on safari, since it is a wildlife guide with color illustrations, maps, diary pages, and much more.

Though he has essentially covered the African continent in his numerous journeys there, Nolting continues to travel to Africa yearly to update information and explore new areas. Hard to find information on Africa is always at his fingertips, and he loves to take the time to talk to people about the many adventures that can be found on the continent.

Along with Nolting and his wife, the staff at The Africa Adventure Company offer the highest level of expertise for arranging low-impact and personalized travel to over 14 countries in Africa. As they look to the future, the Africa Adventure Company will continue to do what it has done best! Focus on small groups and independent travelers, promote camps that are symbiotic with nature and the community, and offer exquisite game viewing with top notch guides. They look forward to the continuing tradition of “safari of a lifetime”!

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Selected for his 11th year being selected as one of the 146 Top Travel Specialists by Conde Nast Traveler! 2013

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Selected for their agent A-List for Safaris for the last several years, 2011

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Selected as one of Top Africa Experts on Earth, 2011

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Africa Adventure is Honored in National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime”, May 2, 2011

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