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African Safari Field Guide & Journal - Completely Revised 6th Edition

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The African Safari Journal & Field Guide differs from other books on the wildlife of the continent in that it is designed for you to write down your experiences and observations while you are traveling. While there is a great deal of interesting and useful information on the following pages, the book will really come to life when you add your own notes and stories. Most travelers have become used to recording their safaris and other holidays through photographs, but there is nothing quite like the immediacy of a personal travel diary to complement these images. This book has been designed in such a way that it will encourage and help you to record the highlights, events and dramas of your African safari, as well as providing a means of noting activities and lists of the mammals and birds which you encounter.

There is space for you to record all of your important personal details, as well as the contact details of traveling companions, safari guides and other people who you will meet. Introductory information on the landscapes and habitats of Africa will set the scene for your own notes. The descriptive accounts of the animals mention interesting behavior which you should look out for, as well as identification tips, while the comprehensive checklist of mammals and birds will allow you to fully document all the species you encounter on safari.

The detailed Map Directory will help you to orientate yourself and follow the route of your safari, while the brief language section has some key words and phrases that provide a stepping-stone into local conversation. A list of recommended books for further reading is also provided, and there is a glossary of unfamiliar terms that you will hear on safari.

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